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From Nov. 7  1786 to Jan. 1, 1928

Surnames (A  to  D)


Adams,   Jedediah Stoughton 1829
Alden,  Carrie D. Randolph 1888
Alden,   Charles Randolph 1829
Alden,   Charles Randolph 1892
Alden, Mrs. Frank Randolph 1893
Alden,   Fred  C. Brockton 1874
Alden,   Mrs.   Fred   C. Brockton 1874
Alden,   Fred  Hart Randolph 1875
Alden, Hiram C. Randolph 1846
Alden, Hiram C. Randolph 1874
Alden,   Mrs.   John   B. Campello 1925
Alden,   Leonard Randolph 1818
Alden,   Lewis Holbrook 1896
Alden, L. W. Brockton 1874
Alden,  Mrs.  L.  W. Brockton 1874
Alden,   Mrs.   Mary  E. Randolph 1874
Alden,   Miss   Mary   H. Randolph 1875
Alden,   Silas,   Jr. Randolph 1806
Alden,   Simeon Randolph 1802
Alden,  Wayland Randolph 1853
Alger, Joseph Brockton 1920-1
Alger,   Mrs.   Joseph Avon 1910
Alger, Mrs. Lucinda    (Wild) Brockton 1920-1
Alger,   Lula   E.   1922
Alger,   Milton Brockton 1920-1
Alger,   Dr.   R.   A. Avon 1910
Alger,    Rodney Eastondale 1909
Allen, Miss A. F. Weymouth 1874
Allen,  Horace Braintree 1867
Allen,   Hon.   James   S. E. Bridgewater 1879
Allen,   Orace  W.   J. E. Braintree 1885
Allen,   Sidney Brockton 1879
Ames, Mrs. Addie E. Stoughton 1885
Ames,   Walter Canton 1878
Andrews,   Elisha   T. No.   Easton 1863
Armstrong,  Robt. M. No.   Bridgewater 1870
Armstrong,  Wrn. Holbrook 1874
Arnold, Miss Abbie M. Braintree 1874
Arnold,  Miss Annie  L. Braintree 1874
Arnold,   B.   V. Braintree 1862
Arnold,  Chester  W. Braintree 1918
Arnold,  Edwin B. Braintree 1918
Arnold,   E.   W. So. Braintree 1874
Arnold, Mrs.  E.  W. So. Braintree  . 1874
Arnold,  F.  A. So. Braintree 1874
Arnold,   Geo.  A. W. Bridgewater 1922
Arnold,   Ira   R. Braintree 1851
Arnold, John B. Braintree 1866
Arnold,   John   G.   W. Braintree 1874
Arnold, Mrs. John G. W. Braintree 1874
Arnold,   J.   M. Braintree 1874
Arnold, John R. So.   Braintree 1874
Arnold,   Mrs.   John   R. So.   Braintree 1922
Arnold,  Jos.   A. Braintree 1844
Arnold,    Joseph Brockton 1920-1
Arnold,  Miss  Marion  S. Brockton 1884
Arnold,   M.   S. Brockton 1874
Arnold,   Mrs.   Mary So.   Braintree 1925
Arnold,   Mrs.   Sarah   L. Braintree 1878
Arnold,   Miss  Sophia Braintree 1874
Arnold,   W.   E. Braintree 1881
Atherton,   Benj.   H. Stoughton 1867
Atherton,   Elijah Stoughton 1802
Atherton,   Frank A. Stoughton 1902
Atherton, Mrs. Frank A. Stoughton 1902
Atherton,    James,   Jr. Stoughton 1874
Atherton,   Jonathan Stoughton 1804
Atherton,  Nathan Stoughton 1818
Atherton,   Samuel Stoughton 1805


Babbett,  Miss   Minnie Randolph 1874
Babcock,  Lemuel Milton 1803
Bachelder,    A.    Mason Weymouth 1874
Bailey,   Geo.   P. E. Stoughton 1878
Baily,   Horatio Braintree 1858
Bailey,  Miss H. N. I lolbrook 1874
Baker,  Miss Flora  L. Rockland 1883
Baker,   Mrs.    Geo.   W. Randolph 1878
Baker,   Howard   A. Rockland 1910
Baker,   Mrs.   Howard  A. Rockland 1910
Baker,  M.   Everett Randolph 1895
Baker,   Norman Holbrook 1921
Baker,    Mrs.    Norman Hoi brook 1921
Baker,   Miss   Susie Randolph 1885
Balkam,  Clifford M. Randolph 1896
Balkam,  Miss   Susie L. Randolph 1896
Balkam,   Win.   H.,   Jr. Randolph 1874
Balkam, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. Randolph 1874
Ballou,  Mrs. Martha  A. Stoughton 1884
Bancroft,   Henry   E. E.  Stoughton 1879
Barnard,   Harris Randolph 1848
Barrett,   Mrs.  W.  J. Randolph 1921
Barrows,  Mrs.  Daniel  W. Weymouth 1875
Barrows,   Miss   Abbie Weymouth 1875
Bartlett, Miss F. B. Weymouth 1874
Bartlett,  Mrs.  Fanny E. Weymouth 1874
Bartlett,   Miss   Isabelle Brockton 1920
Bartlett,   J.   W. Weymouth 1874
Basin  or   Bazin,   James Canton 1826
Bassett, William Bridgewater 1908
Bassett,   Mrs.   William Bridgewater 1908
Bates, Miss Ada Weymouth 1874
Bates,   Alpheus Weymouth 1874
Bates,   Mrs.   Alpheus Weymouth 1874
Bates,  Miss  Cora   I. Braintree 1880
Bates,   Miss   Eva Weymouth 1874
Bates,   Francis   B. Weymouth 1847
Bates,    Frank    A. Braintree 1881
Banks, Mrs.  E.   B. No,   Bridgewater 1874
Battles,   Miss  L.   F. No,   Bridgewater 1874
Ballles,    Winslow Dorchester 1846
Beach, Mrs. Alice M.  (Turner) Randolph  
Beals,  Isaac Stoughton 1829
Beals,   Frederick Stoughton 1874
Bean,  Rev.  A.  L. Stoughton 1908
Bean,   John   W. Holbrook 1896
Bean,  Mrs.  H.  C. Brockton 1874
Belcher, Alanson Stoughton 1873
Belcher,  Alice Randolph 1892
Belcher,  Allen  A. Randolph 1863
Belcher,   Barbara Randolph 1926
Belcher,   Benjamin Randolph 1876
Bekher,   Mrs.   Benjamin Randolph 1885
Belcher,   Chas.   A. Braintree 1878
Belcher,    Clifiord Stoughton 1819
Belcher,  Miss  Edith  A. Randolph 1895
Bolcher,   E.   A. Braintree 1874
Belcher,   Mrs.   E. A. Braintree 1874
Belcher,  Mrs.  E. A. Avon 1909
Belcher,   Miss   Ella   A. Randolph 1874
Belcher,   Miss  Emma   C. Randolph 1874
Belcher,    Edmund    R. Randolph 1874
Belcher,   Ernest   A. Avon 1920-1
Belcher,   Eunice  L. Randolph 1920-1
Belcher,  Mrs. Francra  A. Randolph 1874
Belcher,   Frank   W. Randolph 1904
Belcher,   Fred   K. Randolph 1870
Belcher,  Miss  Grace  A. Randolph 1895
Belcher,   Mrs.   Henry Randolph 1874
Belcher,   Jefferson Randolph 1861
Belcher, Joseph  Canton 1801
Belcher,   Joseph Randolph 1892
Belcher,    Mrs. Joseph Randolph 1892
Belcher,   J.   White Randolph 1849
Beloher,   Mrs. J.   White Randolph 1874
Belcher,   J.   W. Randolph 1851
Belcher, Mrs.  J.    Warren Randolph 1874
Belcher,    Linus Randolph 1839
Belcher,   Lurher fitoiighton 1825
Belcher,  Miss Marion Randolph 1885
Belcher, M. Josephine Braintree 1920-1
Belcher,   Nathan Braintree 1864
Belcher,   Nathan   G. Randolph 1864
Belcher,   Orin Stoughton 1829
Belcher,   Robt.   E. Braintree 1896
Belcher,   Mrs.   Ruby   W. Avon 1926
Belcher,   Mrs.   Sarah   E. Randolph 1880
Belcher,   William Stoughton 1829
Belcher,    Mrs.    WiUon Holbrook 1874
Benson, Caleb No.  Bridgewater 1870
Benson,   Caleb Brockton 1925
Benson,  Russell  C. Sharon 1841
Bent, Dr. Ernest Braintree 1898
Bent,  Mrs.  D.   E. Braintree 1898
Bent,  Mrs.   Eva  M. Braintree 1925
Bent, George H. Milton 1878
Bent,  Otis  C. Braintree 1925
Bent,  Mrs.   Otis C. Braintree 1925
Berry, Miss Fanny H. Boston 1876
Berry,  Mrs.  Hannah  H. Boston 1874
Berry,   John   K. Boston 1874
Beaumont,   James Canton 1803
Becknell,   Joseph Stoughton 1819
Bigelow, Frederick Holbrook 1853
Bigelow, William A. Randolph 1846
Billings,  Abbie C. Sharon 1887
Billings,   Mrs.   H.   C. Sharon 1874
Billings, Herbert H. Avon 1892
Billings,  Isaac Canton 1801
Billings,  Jesse Sharon 1786
Billings,  Jesse Sharon 1820
Billings,  Jesse No.   Bridgewater 1869
Billings,   Jonathan Canton 1786
Billings,   Joseph Canton 1820
Billings,   Mrs.   Frances Braintree  
Billings,   Leonard Cariton 1802
Billings,   Osmond Sharon 1891
Billings,   Sanford Sharon 1822
Billings,  Sanford   Waters Sharon 1879
Billings,   Stephen Canton 1827
Birch,   S.   J. Brockton 1886
Bird,  Benjamin Stoughton 1819
Bird, Frank R. Canton 1887
Bird,   George   Ellis Stoughton 1881
Bird,    Robt. Stoughton 1838
Bird,   Warren   P. Stoughton 1882
Bisbee, Miss Abbie Holbrook 1880
Bisbee,  Mrs.  Olive G. Stoughton 1926
Bisbee,   W.  0. Canton 1907
Bishop,  F.  H. Wollaston 1901
Blake,   Col.   J.   H.   L. Braintree 1859
Blanchard,   Miss  Carrie Weymouth 1875
Blanchard,   Clifton  W.  M. Avon 1887
Blanchard,  Miss  Nellie Weymouth 1875
Blanchard.   Miss  Susan Weymouth 1875
Blewitt,   Howard   B. Braintree 1922
Boles,   Benj.  G. Sharon 1895
Bond,  Mrs.  Eliza  A. Weymouth 1874
Bowen,  Wm.  R. No. Bridgewater 1872
Bowen, Mrs. Wm.   R. No. Bridgewater 1876
Boyce,  Mrs.   Esther  E. Easton 1926
Boyden,   Sanford Randolph 1860
Bradford,  H.   W. Randolph 1874
Bradlee, Mrs.  J. Walter Milton 1886
Braman,   A.   A. Randolph 1867
Breed,   John   F. No. Abington 1885
Breitling,   Clara   E. Randolph 1892
Breitling, Mrs.   G.   T. Randolph 1876
Breitling, Jos.   C. Randolph 1891
Breitling, Miss Lucretia C. Randolph 1896
Brett,   Asa E. Stoughton 1869
Brewer, Miss Alma M. Holbrook 1926
Brewster, Arthur E. Stoughton 1888
Bridgeman,   A.   M. Stoughton 1921
Broderick, John Randolph       1848
Broderick, Thomas Randolph 1844
Brooks,  Mrs. D. A. So. Braintree 1874
Briggs, Mary   C. Randolph 1892
Briggs,  Miss Nettie A. Stoughton 1884
Brown, Clifton   G. Stoughton 1902
Brown,  E.   E. Abington 1874
Brown, Mrs.  J.   F. Weymouth 1874
Brown. Miss  Mabel Holbrook 1898
Brown, Miss  Maud Eastondale 1909
Brown,   Mrs.   Mary Holbrook 1921
Brown, Mrs. Rowena C. Randolph 1874
Brown, Miss Una Eastondale 1909
Bruce, Clarence Eastondale 1909
Bruce, Mrs.  Lulu Eastondale 1909
Bryant,   Benjamin Randolph 1840
Bryant, Geo.   B. Randolph 1854
Bryant, Miss Laura Randolph 1874
Bryden,  Ewen Stoughton 1874
Bryden,  Edmund Stoughton 1874
Buck,  Miss Fanny Stoughton 1916
Buck, Nathan Randolph 1843
Buckminster,   Joseph New   Bedford 1868
Bullard,   Miss   Emma Randolph 1874
Bullock, Mrs. A. J. Weymouth 1874
Bullock, Miss Annie Randolph 1877
Bullock, Miss Nellie Randolph 1877
Bumpus, Capt. C. C. Braintree 1859
Burbank,  A.  J. Boston 1874
Burbeck.  H.   R. No.   Abington 1885
Burbeck, Mrs.  H.  R. No.   Abington 1885
Burke,   John L. Randolph 1880
Burrell, Miss Alice, Shaw Brockton 1920
Burrell, David Randolph 1839
Burrell, Jarvis   D. Randolph 1851
Burrell, Miss Hattie E. Milton 1886
Burrell, John Weymouth 1874
Burrell, Miss Lillie Randolph 1877
Burrell, Marion   G. Randolph 1919


Cain,   Daniel Braintree 1898
Caldweli, Miss Mildred Brockton  
Caldwell, Mrs.  R.   M. Brockton  
Campbell, Miss Mary Randolph 1876
Cann,   Rev.   Asa Canton 1882
Canterbury, Philip Braintree 1803
Canterbury,  Samuel Canton 1801
Canterbury,  Silas Braintree 1852
Capen, Abram Stoughton 1802
Capen,  Abram,   Jr. Stoughton 1825
Capen,  Andrew Stoughton 1786
Capen, Ansel Stoughton 1820
Capen,  Benj. Stoughton 1801
Capen,  Benj. S. Stoughton 1921
Capen, Carroll   A. Randolph 1891
Capen, C.  M. Randolph 1860
Capen, Mrs. Edw. F. Stoughton 1884
Capen,  Elijah Stoughton 1850
Capen,  Elisha Stoughton 1802
Capen,  Mrs. Eliza A. Stoughton 1884
Capen, George Stoughton 1819
Capen, George Stoughton 1879
Capen, Miss Hattie M. Stoughton 1885
Capen, Heber   L. Stoughton 1921
Capen, Mrs. Heber L. Stoughton 1921
Capen,  Isaac Stoughton 1877
Capen, James Stoughton 1786
Capen, Jonathan Stoughton 1786
Capen, Joseph Stoughton 1802
Capen,  Mrs.  Lillian  E. Stoughton 1926
Capen, Morton A. Stoughton 1896
Capen,  Peter Stoughton 1818
Capen,  S.   A. Randolph 1874
Capen, Samuel   A. Randolph 1854
Capen,  Lt.  Samuel,  2d Stoughton 1786
Capen, Sanford E. Stoughton 1865
Capen, Theophilus Stoughton 1786
Capen, Thomas Stoughton 1822
Capen, William   H. Stoughton 1923
Carr,   Francis Braintree 1862
Carroll,    Harry So.  Weymouth 1923
Caswell,   Wallace   B. Brockton 1909
Chadbourne,   J.   A. Avon 1893
Chafin,  Rev. Wm. L. No.. Easton 1879
Chamberlain,  Horace No. Abington 1885
Chamberlain, Mrs. Horace A. No. Abington 1885
Chamberlain,  Isetta Abington 1874
Chamberlain, Mrs.   Matilda Abington 1874
Chapin,   George Stoughton 1885
Chapman, Mrs. Georgia Stoughton 1927
Chapman,   Oliver  E. Canton 1887
Chase,  Mrs.  D.   A.  L. Randolph 1886
Chase, Ella Randolph 1892
Chase, Gilman L. Randolph 1896
Chase, Herbert  M. Randolph 1892
Chase, James C. Avon 1887
Cheesman,   Alphonso Randolph 1874
Chessman, John W. Hoi brook 1895
Chessman,  Mrs.   John   W. Hoi brook 1898
Chester, Miss Anna M. Monument   Beach 1879
Chester, Mrs.   H.   W. Boston 1874
Chickering,   Mrs.   Hattie   L. Brockton 1882
Chubbuck,   Mrs.   Lydia Rockland  
Churchill, Fred Stoughton 1921
Churchill,  F.  Loring Brockton 1909
Churchill, Mrs.   Leslie   H. Brockton  
Churchill, Mrs.   Lillie.  W. Brockton 1907
Churchill, Mrs. 0. Augusta Brockton  
Clapp,   Edson E.  Stoughton 1854
Clapp,  E.  Hubert Boston 1884
Clapp,  Mrs.   Kate L. Stoughton 1885
Clapp, Lucius Stoughton 1886
Clark, Miss   Annie Randolph 1876
Clark, Miss Carrie Holbrook 1876
Clark, Chester Stoughton 1863
Clark, Mrs.   Dexter Randolph 1876
Clark,  E. No.   Bridgewater 1874
Clark, Mrs.   Ellen   M. Stoughton  
Clark, Mrs.   Estelle  F. Randolph 1876
Clark, Fred So. Weymouth 1883
Clark, Henry Randolph 1849
Clark, J. Randolph 1861
Clark, John H. Randolph 1892
Clark, Miss  Katy F. Braintree 1874
Clark, Miss Lizzie T. Holbrook 1876
Clark,   William   H. Milton 1874
Clifford,  K.   R. Stoughton 1881
Clifford,  Miss Lucia Stoughton 1922
Close,  Esther G. Braintree 1923
Clough, Mabel Brockton 1925
Clough,  Wilfred M. Brockton 1925
Cobb, Otis No.   Bridgewater 1872
Cobb, Wendell   H. New  Bedford 1868
Colburn, Arthur   D. Sharon 1879
Colburn, Mrs. Mary   P. Boston 1874
Cole, Dr.    Arthur    J. Holbrook 1921
Cole, Mrs.  A.  J. Holbrook 1921
Collin, Miss   M.   E. Brockton 1874
Colwell, H. B. No.   Bridgewater 1874
Colwell,  Mrs.    R.    M. Brockton 1874
Cook,  Theo. Boston 1874
Cook, Wm.  B. Randolph 1852
Copeland,  Mrs. Annie (Snow) Brockton 1926
Copeland, Leroy Randolph 1875
Corliss, Cyrus Randolph 1892
Corliss, Maria   L. Randolph 1878
Corliss,   Mary   G. Milton 1887
Corliss,  Miss Minnie W. Randolph 1876
Corliss,  Ralph Randolph  
Corliss,  Mrs.   S.   B. Randolph 1874
Cort,   Annie   B. Brockton 1920
Cort,   Harold   C. Brockton 1920
Cottle, Henry  E. Randolph 1891
Cotton,  Chas.  E. Onset 1922
Courant,   J.   H. No. Stoughton 1876
Crane,  Mrs.   Chas.   F. Stoughton 1876
Crane, Mrs.  E.  F. Braintree 1890
Crane,  Ebenezer Stoughton 1801
Crane,   Ebenezer Stoughton 1828
Crane,   Ebenezer  A. Stoughton 1848
Crane,  Elijah Canton 1786
Crane,  Elisha Canton 1820
Crane, Frank   B. Avon 1887
Crane,  Frank  W. Avon 1888
Crane, Friend Canton 1787
Crane,  Geo.   L. Stoughton 1848
Crane, Miss Hattie Avon 1922
Crane,  Hon.  Joshua  E. Bridgewater 1874
Crane, Mrs.  Joshua  E. Bridgewater 1874
Crane, S. Minot Avon 1923
Crane, Nathan Canton 1786
Crane, Peter Canton 1786
Crane,  Samuel Stoughton 1828
Crane,  Samuel L. Avon 1873
Crane,  S.   Minot Weymouth 1874
Crane, Thomas Canton 1786
Crane,  W.  Elmer Avon  
Crane,  William Canton 1787
Crocker, Mrs.   Clara Eastondale 1909
Crocker, Mrs. Clara M. Brockton 1923
Crocker, Walter Brockton 1874
Crocker, Mrs.  Walter Brockton 1874
Crooker,  Conrad   W. Braintree 1898
Crocker,  F.   W. Braintree 1896
Crooker, Mrs.  F.  W. Braintree 1898
Cummings, M.    W. Stoughton 1923
Currier,  Mrs.   A.   L. Braintree 1916
Currier,  Geo.   W. So.  Braintree  
Cushing, Perez W. Randolph 1849
Curtis,  Alice  R. Stoughton 1928
Curtis,  Beza East   Randolph 1842
Curtis,  Chas.   S. Sharon 1893
Curtis, Miss   Elvira   L. Rockland 1874
Curtis,  Frances Sharon 1803
Curtis,  Harold Stoughton 1921
Curtis,. Helen M. Stoughton 1924
Curtis,  Leander Rockland 1874
Curtis, Lewis   P. So.  Weymouth  
Curtis, Miss   Sarah   K. Rockland 1874
Curtis,  S.   P. So.  Braintree 1874
Curtis, Mrs.   S.  P. So.   Braintree 1874
Curtis,  Thorald Stoughton 1921
Cushman,   Mrs.   H.   A. No. Bridgewater 1874


Daily,  Wade Easton 1805
Daggett, Mrs.   H.   E. So. Braintree 1884
Daggett,  William   D. Randolph 1844
Dana, David Dedham 1803
Daniels,   C.   B. No. Bridgewater 1874
Daniels, J.   E Holbrook 1874
Daniels, Mrs. J.   E. Holbrook 1874
Daniels, Thomas Braintree 1872
Darling,  H.   W. Stoughton 1875
Darling, Mrs.   H.   W. Stoughton 1875
Davenport,  Miss Lydia C. Brockton 1875
David,  Charles So.   Braintree 1874
David,  Mrs.   Charles So.   Braintree  
Davis,  George   M. Holbrook 1880
Dean, Miss  Annie So.  Weymouth 1883
Dean,  Mrs.   H.  C. Brockton 1920-1
Dean,  Rev. L. J. Randolph 1882
Dean,  Mrs.   L.   J. Randolph 1882
Deane, Miss  Ellen M. Holbrook 1876
Deane,  Florence E. So.  Weymouth 1881
Dearing,  Mrs.   Frank Braintree 1922
Dearing, Mrs.   H.   Florence Braintree 1876
Dearing,  Henry L. Braintree 1882
Dearing, Miss  M.   J. Braintree 1874
Dearing,  Mrs.   Moses Braintree 1874
Dearing, Dr. T.  Haven Braintree 1874
Dearing, Mrs.   T.   Haven Braintree 1874
DeCosta, Miss Maud Holbrook 1880
Dennett,  Mrs.   H.   E. So.   Braintree 1884
Dennett, Miss   S.  E. No. Abington 1884
Denett, Mrs.   Virginia   A. So.   Braintree 1874
Derby,  Franklin Weymouth 1874
Derby, Mrs.    Franklin Weymouth 1874
Derby, J.  E. Weymouth 1874
Dickerman,  Ezekiel Stoughton 1829
Dickerman,  John Stoughton 1804
Dickerman,  Wyat Stoughton 1818
Dickerman,  Wyat   J. Stoughton 1838
Dickinson,  Miss   Alice Randolph 1874
Dickinson, Miss  R.   E. Holbrook 1874
Dodge, Mrs.   Henry Randolph 1876
Dodge, Chas.   E. Stoughton 1921
Dodge, Mrs.   Anna  M. Stoughton 1921
Donovan,  Miss   Christine Stoughton 1921
Doten,  Mrs.   Wm. Brockton 1909
Drake, Mrs.   Emma Stoughton 1921
Draper,  Chas.  N. Canton 1880
Draper, James  L. Canton 1880
Draper,  Joseph   P. Canton 1917
Drew, Mrs. James L. Brockton 1875
Drew,  Josiah   R. Brockton 1879
Dunbar, Miss Chloe Canton 1878
Dunbar,  Elijah,  Esq. Canton 1786
Dunbar, John  D. Canton 1786
Dunbar,  Justis No.   Easton 1853
Dunbar, Samuel Canton 1786
Dunbar,  Thomas Canton 1787
Dunbar,   Thomas Canton 1878
Dunbar,  Walter   M. Brockton 1925
Dunbar,  Wm.,  Esq. Canton 1829
Dunham,  B.   F. Brockton 1875
Dunham, Mrs.  B.  F. Brockton 1875
Dunham,  E.   H. Abington 1874
Dunham,  George   Sawyer Brockton  
Dunham,  I. A. Brockton 1875
Dunham,  Mrs.  S.  A. Avon 1899
Dunham,  S.   W. Avon 1899
Durbeck, Miss  Hilda Stoughton 1921
Dutton,  George   W. Stoughton 1871
Dutton,  Mrs.  W.  S. Braintree 1920-1
Dyer,  Mrs. B.  F. Braintree 1874
Dyer,  Mrs.   Brai nerd So.   Braintree 1881
Dyer,  Eugene So.  Braintree 1874
Dyer, Miss   Flora   J. Braintree 1874
Dyer, Miss F. Adelaide Weymouth 1878
Dyer,  Howard E.   Randolph 1844
Dyer,  Miss Mary L. Weymouth 1875
Dyer, Mrs.   Samuel Braintree 1874
Dyer,  William Weymouth 1874


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