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Of The

Old Stoughton Musical Society

From Nov. 7, 1786 to Jan. 1, 1928

Surnames (T to Z)


Talbot,   Mrs.   George Stoughton 1884
Talbot,   Joel Stoughton 1818
Talbot,  Samuel Stoughton 1786
Tappan,   Eugene Sharon 1900
Tannatt, J. C. Brockton 1920-1
Taylor,  Arthur Randolph 1896
Taylor,   Charles   E. Stoughton 1876
Taylor,   W.   J. Boston 1875
Teele,   Mrs.   Alice  G. Stoughton 1921
Tenney,   Rev.   Chas.   R. Stoughton 1881
Tenney,   Miss  Myra Stoughton 1885
Thacher,  R.  L. No,   Bridgewater 1870
Thayer,  Miss  Abbie Weymouth 1875
Thayer,  Mrs.  Abbie A. Randolph 1895
Thayer,   Alfred   N. Holbrook 1898
Thayer,  Miss  Alice M. Randolph 1893
Thayer,   Mrs.   Amasa Braintree 1874
Thayer,   A.   S. Braintree 1876
Thayer,   Calvin Braintree 1852
Thayer,   Cyrus Randolph 1877
Thayer,   Mrs.   Cyrus   M. Randolph 1877
Thayer,    Daniel Randolph 1843
Thayer,  Dwight F. Randolph 1895
Thayer,    Edward Randolph 1854
Thayer,    Elisha    W. Holbrook 1842
Thayer,   E.  Wales,  Jr. Randolph 1864
Thayer,   Mrs.   E.   W. Holbrook 1874
Thayer,   Eugene Randolph 1893
Thayer,   Mrs.    Eugene Randolph  
Thayer,  Francis B. Randolph 1867
Thayer,   Mrs.   Francis   B. Randolph  
Thayer,   Geo.   H.,   Jr. Randolph 1879
Thayer,  Gustavus Randolph 1874
Thayer,   Harvey Braintree 1856
Thayer,   Henry Randolph 1828
Thayer,   Mrs.   H.   F. Holbrook 1874
Thayer,   Mrs.   Henry   F. Holbrook 1874
Thayer,   Henry  M Randolph 1871
Thayer,   James Randolph 1839
Thayer,   James   M. Randolph 1854
Thayer,  Miss  Jennie  W. Holbrook 1896
Thayer,   John   Berry Randolph 1846
Thayer,   Joshua Randolph 1841
Thayer,   Josiah  Q. E.    Randolph 1852
Thayer,   Lewis Braintree 1844
Thayer,   Lewis So.     Braintree 1879
Thayer,   Loring   W. Randolph 1848
Thayer,   Louis  W. Braintree 1880
Thayer,   Mrs.   Louisa   A. Braintree 1874
Thayer,   Martin Randolph 1839
Thayer,  Martin,   2nd Randolph 1844
Thayer,  Maynard  C. Holbrook 1875
Thayer,   Minot Randolph 1854
Thayer, Miss Nellie F. Randolph 1874
Thayer,  Royal   B. Holbrook 1898
Thayer, Mrs.   Royal  W. Randolph                   : 1885
Thayer,  Mrs.  Sarah Holbrook 1921
Thayer,  Shadrick Randolph   1806
Thayer,  Wales   B. Randolph 1859
Thayer,  Wales,   Jr. Randolph 1849
Thayer,  Wm. H. Randolph 1848
Thayer,  Mrs.  W.  H. Holbrook 1874
Thomas,  Charles Weymouth 1875
Thomas,  Frank Weymouth 1875
Thomson,  Mrs.  B.  W. Braintree  
Thompson, A.  C. No. Bridgewater 1870
Thompson, Mrs.   A.  C. No. Bridgewater 1874
Thompson,  C. G. Weymouth 1875
Thompson,  Miss  Eva Randolph 1893
Thompson, G.  R No. Bridgewater 1872
Thompson,  Miss Ina Randolph 1893
Thompson, Miss S.  M. So. Braintree 1875
Thompson,  Mrs. Rebecca Weymouth 1875
Tileston, Arthur  B. Milton 1888
Tileston,  Miss Corinne Randolph 1909
Tileston,  Frank  H. Randolph 1892
Tileston, Mrs.   Frank  H. Randolph 1885
Tirrell,  Miss  Alice So. Weymouth 1883
Tirrell, Henry R. Weymouth 1847
Tirrell,  Mrs.   James Weymouth 1874
Tirrell, Mrs.  P.  H. So. Weymouth 1883
Tirrell,  W.   J. Randolph 1879
Togus,  James 0. Brockton 1884
Tolman, Mrs.   C.   A. No. Bridgewater 1874
Tolman, Henry Randolph 1852
Tolman,  Samuel Stoughton 1786
Tolman,  Samuel,   3d Stoughton 1829
Tolman, Thomas Randolph 1819
Tomlinson, Mrs. Joyce E. Brockton 1920
Toomey,  Eugene M. Stoughton 1902
Toomey,  Eugene L. Stoughton 1921
Toomey, Redmond Stoughton 1921
Toomey, T.  Francis Stoughton 1921
Toomey, Miss   Mary   C. Stoughton 1926
Torrey, Miss   Ella Braintree     1874
Torrey,  Geo.   C. So.  Weymouth 1881
Torrey,  Gleason So.   Braintree 1875
Torrey,  Miss   Lydia So.  Weymouth 1883
Torrey,  Noah  VV. Weymouth 1847
Torrey, Noah So.   Braintree 1884
Tougas,   J.. A. Brockton 1886
Tower,  Miss   Carrie So. Weymouth 1883
Tower,  Mrs   James A. Randolph 1877
Tracy,  Dr.  Eugene  S. Stoughton 1886
Tracy,  Mrs.   Eugene   S. Stoughton 1886
Tucker, David   W. Milton 1875
Tucker,  Elias Canton 1830
Tucker,  Joseph Canton    ' 1830
Tucker,  Lemuel Canton 1803
Tucker,  Wm ,  2d Canton  
Tuell,  Mrs.    Edna Stoughton 1921
Tupper,  Wm.   A. Braintree 1881
Turner,  Chester   B. Stoughton 1921
Turner,     Mrs.  Royal   W. Randolph 1874
Turner,  Wm. W.   Bridgewater 1803
Turness,    E.    F. Braintree 1882
Tyler,  Carlos  W. Abington 1909


Underhay, John Randolph 1862
Upham, Abel Stoughton 1883
Upham, Alfred Stoughton 1883
Upham,  Enos Stoughton 1846
Upham, Mrs. Laura  A. Stoughton 1874
Upham, Mrs.   M.   C. Stoughton 1884


Varney, Loren Randolph 1926
Vaughan, Robt. No. Bridgewater 1854
Veaney, Ella L. Brockton  
Vining, A. Weymouth 1874
Vining, N.  Frank Weymouth 1874
Vining, Noah Weymouth 1874
Vining, Samuel   A. Randolph 1852
Vinton,  Henry   B. So.   Braintree 1875
Vose,  Henry Milton 1879
Vose, Mrs.  Margaret A. Stoughton 1928



Wade, Lt,  David W. Bridgewater 1802
Wade, Geo.   H. Avon 1900
Wade, Mrs.   James   C. Stoughton 1921
Wade, Mary  E. Avon 1900
Wadsworth,  David Stoughton 1786
Wads worth, George Stoughton 1786
Waite, Miss Hazel Stoughton 1924
Waldo, Mrs.   Mary Stoughton 1884
Wales, Atherton Stoughton 1786
Wales, Chas. Braintree 1844
Wales,   Mrs.   Chas.   A. Randolph 1879
Wales,  E.    C. Abington 1874
Wales,  Elisha Randolph 1787
Wales, Miss E. J. Abington    1874
Wales, Geo.   A. Stoughton 1886
Wales,  Geo.    E. No.   Abington 1875
Wales,  Geo.  W. Holbrook 1874
Wales, John H. Canton 1828
Wales, Miss   Mary   G. Abington 1874
Wales, Miss   Mary   E. Randolph 1874
Wales, Mrs.   M.   E. Cleveland,   Ohio 1881
Wales, Nathaniel Stoughton 1875
Wales, Mrs.   Nathaniel Stoughton 1875
Wales, S.   W. Abington 1874
Wales, Miss   Susan Stoughton 1875
Wales, Theron Braintree 1863
Wales, W.   S. Abington 1874
Walker, Albert Stoughton 1921
Walker, Mrs.   Edward Stoughton 1881
Walker, Florence W. Stoughton 1921
Walker, Miss F. So.   Easton 1909
Walker, Miss Martha A. Weymouth 1875
Walsh, Ruth  J. Randolph 1919
Ward,  Mrs.   Bessie Stoughton 1921
Washington,  B.  F, Stoughton 1909
Washington, Miss   Rachel Stoughton 1921
Watson,  J.   M. Sharon 1884
Watson, Mrs. J. M. Sharon 1884
Waugh, Henry H. Stoughton 1879
Weaver,  Miss   Alice  B. Randolph 1895
Webb, T.  C. Quincy 1857
Weld, Allen  C. Sharon 1852
Wells, Rev. E. E. Brockton  
Wells, Mrs.  E. E. Brockton  
West, Herman   L. Holbrook 1880
West, Thomas Holbrook 1874
West, Thos.  H. Holbrook 1880
Wentworth,  Elisha Canton 1826
Wentworth, Lemuel Stoughton 1839
Wentworth, Wales B. Randolph 1861
Whaiin, Miss Edith Randolph 1893
Wheeler,  Benj.   I. Randolph 1876
Wheeler,  Guy   F. Randolph 1880
Wheeler, John Easton 1859
Whitcomb, Alfred  W. Randolph 1839
Whitcomb, E.  J. Weymouth 1874
Whitcomb, Miss J. Emmons Holbrook 1881
Whitcomb, Jacob Randolph 1842
Whitcomb, J. M. Weymouth 1874
Whitcomb, Jos.,   Jr. Randolph 1842
Whitcomb, Jos.   E. Randolph 1852
Whitcomb, Lemuel  S. Randolph 1866
Whitcomb, Mabel    E. Holbrook 1895
Whitcomb, Moses   W. E.  Randolph 1859
Whitcomb,  Samuel   F. Randolph 1842
White, A.   P. Stoughton 1909
White, Alden Weymouth 1847
White, Mrs.   Blanche  M Stoughton 1926
White,C L. Hplbrook 1880
White, Daniel   JB. Randolph 1867
White, Mrs.  Daniel   B. Randolph 1874
White, Edmund Randolph 1851
White,  Emmons Holbrook -1876
White, Frank  E. Brockton 1886
White, 6*6,   B. Randolph 1860
White, Guilford Eastondale 1896
White, Miss  Helen   E. Randolph 1896
White, Hetty   B. Randolph 1841
White, James W. Randolph 1854
White, Jeduthan Randolph 1843
White, L.   Merton Braintree 1908
White, Lysander L. Randolph 1848
White, Melvin   L. Holbrook 1876
White, Oramel Randolph 1842
White, Robt. Randolph 1862
White, Samuel Randolph 1853
White, Mrs. Samuel Randolph 1874
White, Solomon L. Randolph 1839
White, Walter. B. Holbrook 1898
Whiting,  Capt.  Nathaniel Canton 1802
Whitney, Arthur W. No.   Bridgewater 1871
Whitney, Chas.   B. No.   Bridgewater 1871
Whitney, Frank  S. No.   Bridgewater 1871
Whitney, Geo.   H. No.   Bridgewater 1871
Whitney, Geo. R. No.   Bridgewater 1865
Whittaker, Gilman D. Braintree 1874
Whitty, John So.   Braintree 1867
Whitty, Thomas Randolph 1867
Wilbur, E.   N. Randolph 1875
Wilbur, Herbert  C. Randolph 1926
Wilbur, Prescott E. Randolph 1859
Wilbur, Selwyn Randolph 1871
Wilde, Albert  C. Randolph 1898
Wilde, Mrs.   A. Braintree 1874
Wilde, Chas. Randolph 1828
Wilde, C.   Frank Randolph 1874
Wilde, Chas.    H. Randolph 1850
Wilde, Daniel Randolph 1866
Wilde, Harrison Randolph 1866
Wilde, Hiram Randolph 1848
Wilde, Mrs.   Hiram Boston 1874
Wilde, Jonathan Randolph 1829
Wilde, Miss   Sarah   V. Randolph 1874
Wilde, Mrs.   Susan   J. Braintree  
Wilde, Walter B. Holbrook 1921
Wilde, Mrs.   Walter   B. Holbrook 1921
Wilde,  Warren or Harrison Randolph 1829
Wilkins, Mrs.  H.  E. Stoughton 1874
Williams, Azael Mansfield 1804
Williams, Mrs.   H.   A. So.   Braintree 1875
Williams, Merrill Braintree 1850
Williamson,  G.   H. Abington 1878
Willis, Mrs.  G.   Dawes Braintree 1922
Willis, J.   H. Easton 1859
Willis, Reuben Stoughton 1926
Willis, Rufus  H. No.  Easton 1868
Willis, Sarell   J. Milton 1889
Wilson,  E.   R. Sharon 1859
Wilson, Rev.  Thos. Stoughton 1870
Winans, Harry    S. Onset 1922
Wiswell, Lewis Braintree 1847
Witherell,   Mace Easton 1805
Woods, Percy  E. Stoughton 1921
Woodard,  Edw. J. Braintree 1896
Woodard, Walter S. Braintree 1896
Woodman, Flossie M. Randolph 1892
Woodsum, Chas.   B. Braintree 1867
Woodsum, Mrs.. Chas. Braintree 1874
Woodsum,  Rufus Braintree 1863
Worcester,  Jennie  B. Weymouth 1875



Youngson, Agnes Brockton 1920
Young, Dr.   C.   S. Stoughton 1879
Young, Mrs.  C.  S. Stoughton 1879
Young,  Gladys   M. Avon 1918


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