Old Stoughton Musical Society

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Mentioned in the Records of the Society, Used in the Different Periods, Copies of Which Are in the Society's Library.



1786 Worcester Collection of Sacred Harmony, by Oliver Holden, Thompson and Andrews.


1823 Bridgewater Collection, Richardson and Lord, Boston, 1822.


1824 Old Hundred Collection of Sacred Music, Boston, 1824.


1826 Boston Handel and Haydn Society's Collection of Church Music, Richardson and Lord, Boston, 1825.


1829 Old Stoughton Musical Society's Collection of Church Music, Marsh and Capen, Boston, 1829.


1835 The Ancient Lyre or Boston Professional Musical Society's Collection of Church Music, in use 1835.


1838 Village Harmony, E. Little and Co., Exeter, N. H., 1815.


1844 Billings and Holden Collection of Ancient Psalmody, published by the Boston Billings and Holden Society, Marsh, Capen and Lyon, Boston, 1836.


1845 Boston Academy's Collection of Choruses, Wilkins, Carter and Palmer Co., Boston, 1845.


1850 Ancient Harmony Revived, Perkins and Whipple, 1850.


1865 The Sacred Chorus Book, Edw. L. White and J. Edgar Gould, O. Ditson, 1849.


The Constellation, a Collection of Anthems, Choruses and Sacred Quartets, O. Ditson, in use 1865.


1874 Father Kemp's Old Folks Concert Tunes, O. Ditson, 1874.


1878 Stoughton Musical Society's Centennial Collection, O. Ditson,


1878. World's Peace Jubilee, O. Ditson, 1869-1872.


1886 Haydn's Creation, White, Smith & Co.



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